Bezos-backed Doxo adds scheduled bill pay, and AT&T to its supported companies

Bezos-backed Doxo adds scheduled bill pay, and AT&T to its supported companies

You might remember, a few weeks ago, when we wrote about Doxo. It’s a filing cabinet, of sorts, where you can have bills and statements sent, as well as where you can store important documents, making them readily available through the Doxo site or via your iPhone.

At the time we wrote that Doxo was going to be upgrading its service to allow you to pay bills directly through the Doxo site, instead of just collecting statements. doxoPay has been the answer to that, and you can now schedule automatic payments instead of having to link up through multiple sites. But Doxo has another trick up its sleeve by adding in AT&T, allowing its 100 million customers to receive their bills and pay them through the service.

If the “collect everything in one place” idea sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s been a hot topic of late. We recently reviewed a service called Manilla that does exactly that, but Doxo’s ability to store your important documents securely gives it a leg up in the market. Beyond that, it’s also backed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, adding a bit more credibility to its pedigree.

When you consider the cost savings, both for companies and often times for customers, of going paperless, there’s a really good chance that we’ll see more services like Doxo crop up in the coming months. These all-in-one document storage lockers are filling a need for many and adding massive partners like AT&T certainly helps drive things forward.

If you’ve not yet tried Doxo, it’s free and well worth the few minutes time that it takes to set things in motion. Being able to not only get your bills and pay them, but also keep all of your documents handy on both the desktop and mobile versions is an incredibly handy resource. So get clicking, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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