Jeff Bezos-backed Doxo puts a digital filing cabinet in your iPhone

Jeff Bezos-backed Doxo puts a digital filing cabinet in your iPhone

Doxo is a service designed to act as a ‘digital file cabinet’ for your household bills and important documents. You can even sign up to get bills from participating companies sent paper-free to your Doxo locker. Until now, it’s been entirely Web-based but today sees the launch of an iPhone app that takes the service mobile.

The app allows documents, bills, travel bookings and daily deal vouchers to be uploaded and easily organized. For sensitive documents such as insurance policies, house deeds, driver’s licenses and the like, there’s a secure ‘safety deposit box’. A Password Vault promises bank-grade security to store all your passwords and account numbers.

Doxo says that in the near future, the app will be upgraded to allow users to pay bills from participating companies directly from their phones, a feature already available in the browser-based version. An Android version is also in the works.

Seattle-based Doxo counts Amazon founder Jeff Bezos among its investors but while its vision of a paperless world makes sense, the fact is that many documents are going paperless without this service. Many companies are moving to electronic billing of their customers and most travel documents are now completely electronic. As such, aside from those super important pieces of paper such as your birth certificate, there’s going to be less for Doxo to store over time.

Still, it may not be individuals that drive growth for Doxo. As a platform for connecting multiple businesses ,such as utilities companies, with their customers, it may be businesses that end up encouraging customers to use it. Current signed up providers include US mobile network Sprint and electricity company KCP&L. Doxo is free for users, making money from charging providers for its paperless billing service.

Doxo Mobile is free to download and available today.

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