GoPollGo launches deeper analytics for its free polling platform

GoPollGo launches deeper analytics for its free polling platform

We told you about the simple and beautifully designed polling platform GoPollGo this month, and the company has announced some enhancements to its free service.

If you need to get public opinion from people on popular social networking platforms, GoPollGo is the best service I’ve found to do that. The service gave you basic location analytics from those who have interacted, but more robust polling data is now available.

Go Go Analytics

GoPollGo now lets you segment votes by location, age, gender, operating system, referring website, and browser type, all in real-time.

This is a pretty advanced offering for a free service, and anyone can benefit from these added items. You don’t have to be a big company to get a decent set of data from a poll.

Below, you’ll find a full screenshot of the new data:

I spoke with GoPollGo founder and CEO Ben Schaechter about today’s launch:

TNW: Since launching, what type of numbers are you seeing in regards to how many polls are submitted and voted on?

Ben Schaechter: Each short-lived poll on average collects roughly 60 votes. To give you an idea, since the relaunch of our site three months ago with real-time analytics, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of votes come in.

TNW: How did you choose which analytic items would get added to the site?

Ben Schaechter: Age, Gender and Location are interesting and relevant to everyone: Especially large brands, media agencies and politicians (Imagine how valuable this data is to any politician right now). Operating System, Browser and referring domain were all suggestions from our users. For example, there is sometimes noticeable difference between thought of votes coming from Facebook as compared to Twitter, etc.

TNW: What is the most popular question ever asked on GoPollGo?

Ben Schaechter: The most popular poll ever created on GoPollGo was this one here: The reason is because Jack Dorsey, Brian Chesky, Dennis Crowley, Kevin Rose and a slew of other tweeted/posted the poll as a competition.

The data that GoPollGo collects can make or break a marketing campaign, or help you to decide which new smart phone to buy. With more data, it’s easier to take these responses seriously. I’d like to see the company work on embedding these polls in new places, rather than focusing on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. As we know with polls, you can’t take it serious until you have a decent amount of responses. Focusing on helping companies get hundreds of responses submitted on their polls will make GoPollGo a near-perfect service.

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