GoPollGo is the quickest way to track public opinion on the web

GoPollGo is the quickest way to track public opinion on the web

Sometimes Twitter replies and Google+ comments aren’t going to get you the semi-scientific data you need to prove a point to a friend, or even use as research at work.

Polls are a great way to do that, and GoPollGo lets you set one up and track responses in real-time.

GoPollGo has one option to log in, and that’s with your Twitter account. There’s no signup or forms to fill out, just sign in with Twitter. The service is beautifully designed, and doesn’t waste your time with extra clicks. You simply choose “Create a Poll” and the box is there for you to fill out.

Create that poll

Add your question, your answers, an optional description, and set whether to make this poll public or not. If it’s private, then the only people who see it are the ones you send the Poll link to.

For example, I’ve chosen to ask people what they think about Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement.

Share your poll and get results fast

Once you submit the poll, a unique URL is created which you can share with people. GoPollGo also has a Tweet, Like, and +1 button so you can share your poll with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ respectively. It’s quick and simple to do, and once you send your poll out you can track the results in real time.

You’ll see the results come in, and you don’t have to refresh the page, which is nice. The map will also heat up to show you where the results are coming in from exactly.

This is a great free service to get your questions answered quickly. Since the service tracks people by their IP address, you can only vote once. There’s no gaming, so that means you’ll get accurate results. The only downside is that you can’t embed your poll into a blog post or site, that’s a feature we’d like to see made available so that you can get a wide range of responses.

GoPollGo does have a premium service, which you can email the company about for more details. The extra premium services are:

  • No Advertisements
  • Branding
  • Mobile Branding
  • Support

Honestly, since you get unlimited polls and results for free, the only reason why you’d look into a premium service is if you’re using GoPollGo for a business.

GoPollGo is definitely worth a go.

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