Jux rolls out a beautiful, HTML5-powered way to share your content on the iPad

Jux rolls out a beautiful, HTML5-powered way to share your content on the iPad

Back in August, we introduced you to Jux, a gorgeous way of sharing content online positioned somewhere between the simplicity of Tumblr and more sophisticated blogging platforms. Jux puts its emphasis on making your text, images and videos look beautiful, and from today that approach has extended to the iPad.

Taking cues from the likes of Flipboard, any content you share on Jux is now optimised for the iPad browser. Essentially, this is like Onswipe or Flipboard publishing but for individuals, instead of publishers.

There’s fantastic attention to detail in the HTML5-powered interface that the New York-based team has developed. It feels incredibly app-like, with nice touches such as a ‘diagonal swipe’ gesture to flick through images, the way content reformats as you tilt the screen from horizontal to vertical orientation, and the subtle navigation controls that appear when you tap on an image in a gallery.

Sometimes that navigation can be a little more subtle that Web users may be accustomed to, and a couple of times while testing the interface I was left wondering ‘What do I do here?’, only to find a tiny arrow in the corner of the screen indicating that I should swipe the screen diagonally.


Small niggles aside though, Jux has done an excellent job of bringing an app-like experience to the iPad’s browser. The startup has been working on the interface since the main service launched in late August. Next up is a concentration on developing the mobile side of the service, including the ability to create and edit Jux content on the go. Social features are also on the way.

You can give Jux a try at jux.com.


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