Smartling helps you make your app or website multilingual

Smartling helps you make your app or website multilingual

Smartling, a New York City startup, bills itself as a “Translation Delivery Network (TDN)”.  Today, the cloud-based software platform released a series of new features that now let any online business – large or small – be multilingual in minutes with a new self-service interface.

Now any business from an angel-funded startup that wants to extend an app or web presence to Europe or Asia can do it quickly and cheaply and by themselves without the costly needs of traditional translation services. Or a dentist in Harlem can now easily have a Spanish language site for his Latino patients as well as an English one.

“Quality web translation should be available for any business, not just for major corporations with massive localization budgets,” said Jack Welde, CEO, Smartling. “With great feedback from our enterprise users, such as SurveyMonkey, we’ve simplified the traditionally complex and costly translation workflow and re-applied it for the pace of Web 2.0 businesses.”

Smartling’s new features include a Progressive Glossary for translators, e.g. professional and crowdsourced volunteers can use its “learning” glossary of terms, which are continually updated while browsing web pages to translate in context. It includes “Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO)”, which offers 100% SEO compliance for all translated pages. And lastly, Smartling now offers Crowdsource Management Tools, which solicit support from customers or user communities and make it easy to share guidelines, and then deploy multilingual content for brands and marketers.

Smartling starts off free and increases in cost to its enterprise plan for highly frequented sites that is used by companies such as Foursquare, IMVU, Scribd and SurveyMonkey to serve their non-English users. Check it out here for your own cloud-based Babel fish.

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