For online fashion bloggers, StyleOwner lets you set up shop [We’ve got invites!]

For online fashion bloggers, StyleOwner lets you set up shop [We’ve got invites!]

For the online fashionistas in the audience, I’d like to bring your attention to StyleOwner, a new curated, e-commerce site that launched in open beta this week. Put simply, StyleOwner is like an online mall, letting you set up shop, display content like music, writing and recommendations and sell products from its extensive list of partner retailers. And while it’s still in private beta with just 1,000 store owners, we’ve got 10 invites for you. Simply reply in the comments with your email address or reach out to me (@CBM) on Twitter.

StyleOwner lets fashion bloggers open and curate their own stores with over 2,000 brands from retail partners, such as Singer22, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue and over 30 blogger stores including: Man Repeller, Keiko Lynn, Song of Style and Broke Girls Guide. And for those setting up shop, the best part is that you make a 10% commission on any item bought in your virtual marketplace. To make it easy, StyleOwner offers a full service e-commerce platform with a unified backend and shipping system.

“We have created a platform where everyone wins,” said Joel Weingarten, CEO and founder of StyleOwner. With a background in technology and a fascination with the behavior of shopping, Weingarten created StyleOwner to personalize the otherwise impersonal experience of shopping online. “The customer gets a personalized curated experience, the store owners live out their dream to have their own fashion businesses, and the brands/retailers harness the power of social selling by turning customers into advocates.”

In the same way that StyleOwner enables young, aspiring style enthusiasts to make commissions off of big brand products, Chloe+Isabel is a new direct sales platform for young women looking to break into the jewelry business. I expect to see many more of these kinds of e-commerce platforms breaking out in the next year.

Check out a featured StyleOwner storefront below:

Featured image: Shutterstock/Alex.Zhernosek_FFMSTUDIO.COM

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