Bobo Explores Light is perhaps the most fun kids can have learning on the iPad

Bobo Explores Light is perhaps the most fun kids can have learning on the iPad

Every once in a while, we come across apps that we feel like we just have to share with our readership, and Bobo Explores Light is one of them. What is it? It’s an interactive iPad app that teaches your kids everything there is to know about light, and it does so in a fun, engaging way.

The app opens to a voiceover by a background narrator, who introduces you to your companion robot Bobo. It’s quirky and humorous and friendly and I’m sure will be loved by kids. The voice then goes on to familiarise you with the mechanics of the app, including how to interact with the robot and make use of its fancy 3D holographic projector. And then you get to go on a voyage through the solar system!

From then on, you find out about the sun, lightning, fire, Thomas Edison, lasers, reflection, refraction, telescopes, colour, the human eye, glowing in the dark, bioluminescence, photosynthesis, the sunset and auroras. The app is very deep in terms of the sheer amount of content is bundles in and the navigation interface is fantastic. We’re sure kids will spend hours fiddling with just the various gears in the table of contents interface.

In each lesson, there is something for kids to do. They can tap on each planet in the solar system when finding out about the sun, chase Bobo with the laser, experiment with reflection between mirrors, watch a plant grow using photosynthesis and even create an entire beautiful garden by controlling sunlight. Throughout it all, Bobo cheerfully lets them play with it and occasionally chimes in to assist with something or show them a cool hologram. It is also generously interspersed with relevant bits of trivia, detailed explanations and instructive videos.

We could go on, but the point is that Bobo Explores Light is just a really fun and well-crafted app that kids will enjoy. The depth of content it provides and the friendly interface make it more of a fun game than anything else. We think it’s a must-have for any family that has an 8 – 10 year old that likes science.

[Bobo Explores Light is available on the App Store for $6.99 and is compatible with any iPad running iOS 3.2 or later.]

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