Sandglaz Infinity’s dead-simple to-do list now lets you see the future [Invites]

Sandglaz Infinity’s dead-simple to-do list now lets you see the future [Invites]

When I wrote about Sandglaz a few months ago, it didn’t really occur to me that there was something that was sorely missing – the future.

You see, Sandglaz is a unique, simple approach to your to-do list. Understanding that not everybody works on a dedicated timeline, but rather many of us categorize things by importance instead, Sandglaz takes the helm to lead us on that path. I’ve been a fan of the service since writing about it, but the latest update, call Sandglaz Infinity brings in that missing link.

Previously, when you loaded up Sandglaz, you had a 4-square grid:

That’s all well and good, as long as “Now” and “Later” are the only two times by which you need to abide. But sometimes you need to get more specific than that, say “the week of October 9th”. Instead of having that information hanging out in your “Later” box for weeks on end, now you can actually categorize by dates:

The top “Go To” button allows you to easily select where you want to go, via a calendar. Once you’ve plugged in the information, you can go back to Today and you’ll see the same, familiar design, except you’ll only have Important and Unimportant, since “Later” can now be specified to a date.

The team from Sandglaz tells me that they’re just about ready to roll out the beta to more users, so if you want to get involved you can do so by dropping your information to them here. Invitations to the Infinity beta will be rolling out starting October 3rd, but using this link will get you in without the wait.

As far as I’m concerned, kudos to Sandglaz. Infinity capitalizes on the simplicity of the original design, but opens up the the door for users who need to do more specific scheduling at a later time.

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