Foodspotting partners with Scoutmob to serve up delicious deals

Foodspotting partners with Scoutmob to serve up delicious deals

Foodspotting, an app favorite for food photographers, which launched less than a year and a half ago in January 2010 recently hit its 1 millionth download and added new social features to its mobile app.

My favorite way to describe Foodspotting? If Flickr and Foursquare went out on a date, ate too many oysters and drank too much champagne, the result 9 months later would look very much like Foodspotting. Using the mobile app, users can snap a photo of a dish, tag it and share it with friends on Foodspotting or via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. It’s also a helpful guide if you’re ever looking to spark your appetite. Simply open the app and search for photos of food taken nearby. To date, the company has had 1.5 million app downloads and over 800,000 reviews and photos uploaded worldwide.

Today, Foodspotting is announcing its “Mobspotting” partnership with local deals app Scoutmob so iPhone users can find delicious dishes for 50% or even 100% off. Scoutmob will surface quality offers to the Foodspotting app that users can redeem on the spot.

Starting today, iPhone users in one of 13 major U.S. Cities simple need to launch the Foodspotting iPhone app to see nearby Scoutmob deals. Redeem these deals by tapping on the deal and showing the confirmation screen on your iPhone – no credit card, registration or in-app purchase required. Android users? Stay tuned, Foodspotting is working with Scoutmob to bring these features to you as well.

Foodspotting says it loves Scoutmob’s “instant, seamless redemption flow” and the overall food discovery process. According to Foodspotting, what sets Scoutmob apart in the deal space is how it “exclusively works with locally-owned businesses, supporting great neighborhood cafes, restaurants, bars and bistros – staying away from national chains or tourist meccas”. To celebrate, Foodspotting is co-hosting four eat-ups with ScoutMob across the country – in San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City and DC. Each of these venues have active Scoutmob deals so that you can test out the Foodspotting + Scoutmob integration right on the spot.

RSVP here to attend. To connect the four events nationwide, Foodspotting is hosting a Twitter contest to win a $50 gift card to the local eatery of your choice, courtesy of Scoutmob. Fire up the Foodspotting app to see local restaurant deals, and tweet or Facebook about it with hashtag #mobspotting to be entered to win.

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Featured image: Shutterstock/Bochkarev Photography

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