PlusClout lets you know how influential you are on Google+

PlusClout lets you know how influential you are on Google+

If you want to find out how influential you are on Google+, there’s an app for that. Similar to other services which calculate your influence on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks like Klout and PeerIndex, PlusClout will analyze your Google+ profile and give you a score depending on certain criteria. So how exactly does PlusClout work?

Based on the data from our sister site,, we have crunched over 15 million public Google+ profiles and items shared (posts, comments, +1’s etc.).

The PlusClout score is based on numerous public variables like number of followers, frequency and volume of information sharing etc. Mix in some mathematics and you have a PlusClout score.

All you have to do is grab the ID number in your Google+ profile url, stick it in the site, and it will do the rest for you. In addition to getting a score, PlusClout will also show you how your influence has grown in the last 5 days in a handy little graph, and also provides you with the embed code to show off your score on your site if you’re in the mood to brag.

In addition to letting you know what kind of influence you have over at Google+’s social network, PlusClout also points out some of the most influential members based on having the most followers, as well as the most influential people in certain fields including bloggers, entrepreneurs and designers, making it yet another way to find interesting people to circle on Google+.

But how accurate is PlusClout? Checking out a bunch of different profiles, it’s interesting to see how on days when popular users don’t post much on Google+, their PlusClout rating takes a dive in their graphs, and then when they do, the rating shoots right back up to the 90s. It would seem that PlusClout relies heavily on follower count and the number of comments and plus ones a user receives, as opposed to actual interaction with other users, so while the site is fun, your score simply comes down to how popular you are, as opposed to anything else.

Want to find out your Google+ clout? Head over to the site and find out for yourself.

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