ShortForm Live Video Parties: Broadcast curated video channels live

ShortForm Live Video Parties: Broadcast curated video channels live

When we first profiled ShortForm, the service focused on users (VJs) subscribing to video channels that interest them or create their own, sharing anything they like with the world.

ShortForm today has announced the launch of Live Video Parties enabling VJs to broadcast curated video channels to a live audience.  The launch comes on the heels of ShortForm reaching 1M unique viewers of VJ curated channels in July.

To date, VJs have created thousands of channels using ShortForm’s existing web-based video curation platform, using video from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, sequencing them into their own unique mixes. Through ShortForm’s latest feature users can host their own live audiences and share curated video channels with friends or viewers who watch simultaneously and socialize with one another through chat.

A VJ hosting a party can pass the virtual remote to any of the viewers at the party, turning a viewer into a VJ who can play any channel in ShortForm’s channel guide. VJs can modify their selections during a party based on feedback from their viewers and select the videos that are most suitable for their audience.

Nader Ghaffari, CEO, ShortForm:

“Live Video Parties represent the next form of expression, socialization, and interactivity in online video.  The first phase was creative online video production, with producers now creating and uploading over 8 years of content each day. This next phase is all about creative VJs who surface videos, organize them into channels, and then share them with live audiences who interact with one another and the VJ while they view.”

Participating in a Live Video Party with the ShortForm team was immensely enjoyable. Interacting through chat and video proves a really engaging and rich experience.

To join a Live Video Party or to create your own, visit, where one will find all live VJ hosted parties happening now including those with the most action. To create your own Live Video Party, simply click on the Create a Party button and invite your friends to join in.

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