Directly import your Instagram photos into a Facebook album with InstaFB

Directly import your Instagram photos into a Facebook album with InstaFB

UPDATE: InstaFB is back up and running. 

UPDATE: Since we published this post, Facebook has shut off API access to InstaFB. The app’s developers say they are working on a fix for this, and that you should check their Twitter account for updates.

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to share your Instagram photos with your Facebook friends, the newly launched InstaFB makes it easier than ever.

By connecting both your Facebook and Instagram accounts to the service, you can do a quick import of all of your existing Instagram photos in one go, into a specially created Facebook album.

As easy as the process is, Instafb can only import a maximum of 50 of your Instagram photos for now. But, once your accounts are connected, anytime you share a new photo on Instagram it will be automatically added to your album on Facebook, keeping the two accounts constantly in sync.

Instagram does let you share your photos automatically with your Facebook friends, but the native method is certainly lacking in comparison to InstaFB.  Instead of just sticking the photo as a link on your wall, all of your Instagram photos are available in one individual album, where you can also tag friends who are in the photos.

While Instagram doesn’t give users a web interface to interact, there are a lot of alternatives like Inkstagram, which make it easy to interact with other people who use the app. InstaFB is great for those of you looking for a way to share your Instagram photos with all of your Facebook friends, regardless of whether or not they use the app.

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