‘Last.fm for fashion’, Chicisimo gamifies to identify top brand advocates

‘Last.fm for fashion’, Chicisimo gamifies to identify top brand advocates

Chicisimo, the Spanish startup that offers a ‘Last.fm for fashion’ product which lets users share their personal fashion choices with the rest of the world, is today ‘gamifying’ itself through the addition of awards for the best user advocate for different brands.

As we reported earlier this year, Chicisimo works by users uploading photos of their favourite clothes, tagging them with data about the brands, items and colours being worn. Others can then comment and vote on uploaded photos – it’s a social network based around fashion. Now, badges for users’ profiles are being introduced for users who prove themselves as great advocates by sharing photos that become the top rated images for specific brands.

So, if you get rated as the top Ray Bans, Chanel or H&M tastemaker, for example, you’ll be rewarded as such with a flower-shaped badge on your profile. While this is a quite a simple form of ‘gamification’, it does show how Chicisimo could become a useful data source for fashion brands. Our previous report showed how data that the startup collects can be used to rank information like the top brands and colours being worn. Identifying the top brand advocates is another step along the road.

The next major step will be convincing the brands to pay for such information.

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