Latest Tweetbot update brings “experimental” push notifications, but not for everyone

Latest Tweetbot update brings “experimental” push notifications, but not for everyone

Tapbots, makers of the stylish Tweetbot Twitter application, has released a new update for its iOS app, version 1.4, which now adds the highly anticipated push notifications support, and various bug fixes.

Alongside these changes are a few minor adjustments such as the ability to publish text notes with tweets, where users can now attach a note to tweets using services like CloudApp, twtmore or pastebin; and the ability to view someone else’s lists as tweets. Also, selected tabs are now remembered when switching between accounts.

The push notifications service can be accessed in the Settings, and users will have the option to enable notifications for incoming DMs, replies, follows and unfollows, among others. However, since it’s still in the “experimental” stage, not everyone can get it right away. As Tapbots explained in a blog post, it is initially allowing around 1,000 twitter accounts to access push notifications on a first come, first served basis.

To register your device for push, turn on at least one of the switches in the push notification settings. It’s all on a first-come-first-serve basis and if you have access to push and turn them all off, someone else may take your spot.

Unfortunately, as of time of writing, I couldn’t access the push notifications service myself. The company said that they will continue working with Twitter over the following weeks to increase this limit so most of us will have to wait.

Push notifications are a solid addition to this fine-looking Twitter client, however, Tapbots made it clear that users shouldn’t buy the app solely for this as they’re not advertising it as a feature until it’s fully working and accessible to everyone.

Tweetbot is available in the App Store for $2.99.

UPDATE: Looks like there’s an issue with version 1.4 that prevents push notifications from working. Tabots said in a new blog post that an update has already been submitted to the App Store to fix it.

The push service isn’t working in 1.4. Provisioning profile issues. Human error. We are truly sorry. We submitted a new build with a fix that will work. We’ve politely asked Apple to expedite the process so hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

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