Save files from the Web to Dropbox with just their URLs, using SideCLOUDload

Save files from the Web to Dropbox with just their URLs, using SideCLOUDload

The great thing about an online service going mainstream is how many great third party apps are built around it, to enhance the experience – and Dropbox is certainly no exception to that rule.

SideCLOUDload is the latest of many free services that make Dropbox all the more useful, allowing you to save files directly from your browser into your Dropbox account, all from the convenience of one web page.

To use the service, no sign up is necessary. Simply plug in your Dropbox details, paste the link to the file you want to save and you can even choose, or create, a folder to save it in.

In addition to saving files to your Dropbox directly from your browser, SideCLOUDload also gives you the capability to send files directly from their site. The catch for both is, of course, that you have to have the direct link to the file, although with most online files that shouldn’t be an issue.

SideCLOUDload also provides a handy bookmarklet if you want a quick and easy way to save files to Dropbox while you’re browsing, without having to leave your browser.

SideCLOUDload comes in really handy if you’re using a public computer, and is also pretty handy for iPhone and iPad users. While the Android version of Dropbox allows you to upload any kind of file to your account, sadly if you’re on an iOS device, you’re limited to uploading images only. This great little service gives you the ideal work around to save files from the ‘net straight to your Dropbox account.

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