Find flights with on-board WiFi, using Hipmunk’s latest update

Find flights with on-board WiFi, using Hipmunk’s latest update

Here at The Next Web, we’re big fans of flight and hotel search service Hipmunk. It’s by far the easiest way to compare potential bookings and now a new feature has just made it even more useful – it will tell you when a flight has free WiFi.

Yes, these days in-air wireless Internet is becoming increasingly common in the US and if you want to take advantage of it, Hipmunk will now show you a small icon whenever it’s available. It’s a small but incredibly useful addition for Internet addicts like us.

The WiFi indicator is currently available on Hipmunk’s website and the startup says that it will be added to the iPhone and iPad apps soon.

The only downside is that Hipmunk is aimed at the US market at the moment, with all prices in US Dollars and all the ticket companies it links to being American too. You can search flights worldwide, however, so it’s still a very useful tool wherever you are.

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