CloudMagic adds instant, offline Google Calendar search

CloudMagic adds instant, offline Google Calendar search

We have been pretty big fans of CloudMagic for some time now. Not only does it allow you to search Gmail, Google Docs and Contacts offline but it is also superfast at it. Today, it has added one of users’ most requested features: Google Calendar support.

Previously, you had to fire up different tabs on your browser to keep track of your Google Calendar appointments. From today you can search for your appointments across your Google and Google Apps accounts through the CloudMagic Chrome extension or through Chrome’s Omnibar.

We’ve tried this out ourselves and it appears to work perfectly for your Gmail/Google Apps account. This could come in handy for users to look up an appointment at any point of time in an Google Instant-esque experience, even if there is no Internet connection available.

With this addition, CloudMagic has got all the major Google services covered, including Gmail, Google Docs (Spreadsheets, Presentations, Form, Documents), Contacts and now Google Calendar.

Additionally, it has teased Twitter support in the future iterations of CloudMagic.

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