Sexy file sharer gets profiles, search and much more

Sexy file sharer gets profiles, search and much more

One of our favorite things to see here at TNW is when a startup actually listens to its users. Minus, the beautifully-minimalist file sharing web app, has done just that. We’ve loved Minus since it was first introduced to us and through its implementation of new features that love has only grown. In its latest version, 2.01, the team dug deep through forums emails and website comments to bring you a wealth of wanted changes.

Like what, you might ask? First off, individual file uploads can now reach 50 MB. While Minus was initially presented to us as a photo sharing app, many have realized that it handles different file types equally as well and so that increased file upload size is a welcome change.

Files such as PDF’s get a cover art display and can then be read without the need to download them separately. Uploaded MP3 files get a player and well…you get the hint of how this all works.

Of course, your galleries on Minus are still private by default, but with the ability to now add a full profile, you might want to take advantage of the public sharing features. What’s more is that while you’re browsing galleries, you’ll now be able to mouse scroll or use arrow keys to go through them, as well as that you’ll find a handy “Copy to Clipboard” icon.

These are just a few of the massive amount of changes that the Minus team has implemented.

What’s still to come? According to the Minus blog:

  • Minus for iPhone, iPad and improved mobile browser experience
  • Ability to preview Office documents, PowerPoints and more inside galleries
  • New gallery modes including compact thumbnails, grid view, full screen and more
  • Allow users to embed galleries with full functionalities
  • Password protection for galleries
  • Add URL redirection/shortener feature on homepage as secondary service.

So give it a look, if you haven’t already. If you have, then you know how great it is and these new features only serve to reinforce that fact.

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