Geolary compares your salary to others in your neck of the woods

Geolary compares your salary to others in your neck of the woods

Ever wonder why your neighbour is able to add that addition to his house? Curious as to why the couple down the street can afford that Mercedes? Well, while you’ll never truly know how much those people are bringing in, a new iPhone app released today called Geolary can give you a pretty good idea of where your income level compares to others in your neighbourhood — or in other locations you might consider relocating to.

Geolary is one of those apps that does one thing pretty well: it asks you for your salary and then compares it based on location to other salary data, letting you know where you stand in comparison. It requires location data to make it work (something many are very wary about enabling, especially lately), and will localize your income based on your country’s currency automatically. You can’t change the currency manually, however, so if you’re looking for salary comparisons to another country you’re thinking about moving to, you’ll have to do some conversion as well.

You can, however, move your location around on the map so that you can do comparison in other areas of your city or beyond. Once you’ve picked a location to search, the app tells you the highest, lowest and average salary in the area. It also delivers the gap between your salary and the salaries of others.

Once you’ve taken a good look at the data Geolary provides, you can share it via Twitter, Facebook, email or even open it in Safari. If you’re considering another job or asking for a raise, this could be useful to either illustrate your point, I suppose, but the sharing of such data seems rather useless in practice. (That is, unless you like to brag about what you’re bringing in.)

Geolary has a clean, simple interface and is useful if you’re in the job market and want to know what you’d need to earn to maintain your income at a level that the rest of those in the area you are searching are at. That’s where it begins and ends with this app, so I have a strong feeling that users will keep it buried in a folder or leave it in iTunes for when they may actually need it.

Geolary is free and available in The App Store now.

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