Evernote keeps bringing the big updates, this time for Mac users

Evernote keeps bringing the big updates, this time for Mac users

The folks at Evernote have been rolling out updates at a breakneck pace lately, with recent updates to both its Windows and Android platforms over the last three weeks. Today, Evernote for Mac receives an update, which includes new features such as social sharing, audio recording and search speed improvements.

Sharing notebooks was added in Evernote’s last update for the Mac platform, and today it goes a step further by adding individual note-sharing capabilities over Facebook, Twitter, email and more. Clicking on the “Share” button opens up the opportunity for users to share their notes with others, whether it be a grocery list among roommates or meeting minutes for an organizational team. The increasing desire for users to share their stuff with others, adding this functionality allows sharing to be done quickly and easily.

Evernote for Mac’s new Audio Note option allows users to record audio as they add text, attach a file or simply sit back and let the microphone do its work. Audio notes can also be started within existing notes and recordings will continue in the background, which is great for those who want to work in other applications and keep track of what they’re doing with audio all the while. Free users of Evernote for Mac will have about 2 hours of total recording time, while Premium subscribers will have about 4 hours, provided that’s all there is in the note.

As Evernote has grown in popularity among users (myself included), so have the amount of notes users are putting into the application. Searching through the notes had, as a result, become slower as more and more notes were added, but today’s update for the Mac platform increases the speed of overall Evernote search functionality. This is a wise move on Evernote’s part (and perhaps the most important feature addition), because users need to be able to access thier data effectively and efficiently. Evernote now has both of those covered for the Mac, even for users who have thousands of notes in the application.

Evernote for Mac can be downloaded directly from Evernote now, or current users can simply check for updates. For anyone who downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store, the Evernote team says that this latest update will be available very soon.

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