Cloud2Go gets real-time integration with CloudApp in latest update

Cloud2Go gets real-time integration with CloudApp in latest update

CloudApp is a pretty useful service for Mac users, as it allows you to upload files or links directly from your Mac or your iOS device. It continues to evolve, with integration that spans across several platform and even making its way into Tapbots’ newly-minted Tweetbot app. If you like sharing files then CloudApp is a must.

Cloud2Go is a perfect companion app to CloudApp. The latest update takes full advantage of CloudApps’ streaming API, allowing users to monitor files and stats in real-time. The new update also features a swipe bar that allows users to rename, delete and lock down their files to make them private. All of this occurs in real-time, enabling users to upload files on their Mac and have it appear on Cloud2Go’s list of files once it’s done.

The combination of CloudApp and Cloud2Go can really speed up your file sharing. It makes it easier than ever to access your files on the go, wherever you may be.

CloudApp is a free web app for Mac users, and you can sign up for the service here. Cloud2Go is $2.99 and available in The App Store.

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