Tweetbot fixes bugs, says push support coming but iPad uncertain

Tweetbot fixes bugs, says push support coming but iPad uncertain

The net has been buzzing about the release late last night of hot new Twitter client Tweetbot. This morning Tweetbot creator Tabpots put up a blog post on their site thanking people for the positive response to Tweetbots reception.

They also addressed some of the questions that users have had about the stability of the app and features in future versions.

Some users have been experiencing crashes in Tweetbot on launch, especially with iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G models but Tapbots says that there is a solution on the way.

There’s a bug in Apple’s compiler and we screwed up by not testing it enough and catching it earlier. But the good news is, we already submitted a fix for this and have asked Apple to kindly expedite the approval process.

Now that the app is out the talk has begun about what features Tweetbot lacks. Although it’s a very good client it is missing support for some highly requested features like landscape composing and push notifications. Tapbots is now working on choosing the appropriate method for push notifications but say that landscape support for composing and viewing content like images and videos is coming.

They also answer the question of an iPad release stating, “The answer right now is, “We don’t know.” We will wait and see how things pan out regarding Twitter and the life of [new] 3rd party apps in general.”

Twitter has previously taken a stance against any further third-party clients using their system, something that Tapbots commented on a year ago in another blog post.

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