Fring’s new beta brings group video calling to mobile [Invites]

Fring’s new beta brings group video calling to mobile [Invites]

If you’ve not yet used Fring, you’re already missing out. It’s an absolute essential for me on my Android, and I really liked the iOS version, too. The newest version of Fring, though, really takes things up a notch.

Even though it’s still in beta, the developers of Fring wanted to give you a chance to play with the newest feature — Group video calls. And we’re not just talking FaceTime. Fring’s group video calling will work over 3G, 4G and of course WiFi…oh and it works on Android.

Now here’s the catch — As the title says, it’s still in beta. If you want in to help them test the goodness of group video calling, you’ll need an invitation. But, being the kind souls that we are here at TNW, we’ve arranged that for you.

Just head to the Fring Blog to sign up and, when you do, you’ll need to know your IMEI for Android or UDID for your iPhone. This keeps the beta closed, and makes sure that you can’t give it away to anyone else. Oh, and get 3 friends’ numbers, too, so that you have someone to talk to!

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