PhotoCollect: Unlimited storage for photos and video

PhotoCollect: Unlimited storage for photos and video

There’s definitely not a lack of photo sharing services on the web. However generally speaking, we often just publish images and videos for friends to view without inviting them to actively participate in the album.

, unlike other services such as Flickr, enables users to collectively contribute to public or private albums without having to ask friends to go through a sign up process.

Creating albums and inviting friends is simple because the service has integrated Facebook to simplify the sharing process. After granting PhotoCollect access to your Facebook account, albums can be published in seconds and you’ll also have the option to invite anyone from Facebook or via email.

Users can upload videos or images to their albums and there are 3 privacy settings to choose from; low, medium or high. Using the highest security level, the album will only be viewed by the people you personally invite via Facebook. Other members of the album won’t have permission to add anyone although they can still upload and view pics. All in all, if privacy is something you consider when sharing media files you’ll find this feature helpful.

The design of the UI is clean, intuitive and it provides a sleek full screen mode for browsing through the albums. It has also included a “favourites” folder, friend tagging and a commenting feature so everyone connected with the album can engage in conversations surrounding each picture. To keep tagging private, the feature only tags your friends within PhotoCollect and doesn’t show up within Facebook.

Free users receive 3 albums with an unlimited amount of space for videos and photos that can be accessed from anywhere. For more, users can pay an annual fee of $35 to create an unlimited number of albums. We should additionally note that PhotoCollect currently limits each video clip to 250MB.

Giving your friends a free, simple and quick way to contribute to albums is easily done with PhotoCollect and its inclusion of privacy controls are a nice touch. The one step process of joining an album via Facebook is a plus and your friends won’t be annoyed with a lengthy sign-up.

The developers at PhotoCollect have now extended the service to iOS devices. The app isn’t out yet but we were able to get a sneak peek at the app, screenshots posted below.

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