On-demand, disposable group chat. On-demand, disposable group chat.

Sometimes you need to get a group of people together on the fly to discuss things. While there are options such as Skype chats, we’ve stumbled across one that you’re going to like.

It’s called and it’s supremely simple to use. Just type (fill in whatever you want your chat name to be) and then you have a few simple commands. Just like IRC, you can choose to do a /nick command to change your name, /join (room name) will let you join another room and /leave lets you exit the chat room entirely. is built on HTML5 and Node.JS, making it lightweight and accessible from pretty much any modern browser, including mobile. For an easy alternative to hosting a Skype or mass-email session, is incredibly handy.

Oh, and if you want to change to do something different or better? You can. It’s open sourced, available through Github.

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