Skyfire browser for iPhone gets new social features and “likes”

Skyfire browser for iPhone gets new social features and “likes”

Skyfire, the first mobile browser that brought flash to Android, has just rolled out an improved iPhone browser, adding social features like Facebook integration and content recommendations.

The new features in Skyfire 3.0 for the iPhone, now include Facebook “likes” on every page (in the dock) coupled with the ability to share and view recommendations from Facebook friends. These built-in social features were first introduced to Skyfire for Android.

Every iPhone user knows, iOS doesn’t support Flash video, unless of course you’re using a browser such as Skyfire, one of the reasons the app has been so popular in the app store. Skyfire won’t support every Flash video you try but, its newest iteration promises to bring even more video, providing smooth video playback after it has transcoded. In case you haven’t played with Skyfire, when you find a Flash video, just hit the video icon in the Skyfire dock to begin converting the file.

Aside from the video transcoder which is pretty handy, Skyfire now sports Facebook, fireplace, Twitter, popular and “like” in the dock. The fireplace feature is a stream of the content your Facebook friends are sharing; pictures, articles, videos, etc. And, when a users hits “popular” while on a site, Skyfire will display any popular articles on the site that your friends have previously shared on Facebook.

The like button readily available makes it super easy to share and, it’s also nice to have your social graph built-in to the browser without the features being obtrusive. In fact, you can also completely remove the dock with a quick flick gesture. Skyfire is available for $2.99 in the app store.

Have a look at the video and let us know what you think.

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