Songwriter’s iPad: A beautiful app for writing lyrics

Songwriter’s iPad: A beautiful app for writing lyrics

Songwriter's iPadSongwriter’s iPad is a gorgeous app that can assist musicians in writing and arranging lyrics, aiming to also ease writer’s blocks with its database of phrases, words and rhymes.

The user interface is divided into two screens; the song text editor and a handy resource of words. The song editor organizes your lyrics in parts (intro, verse, chorus) and it includes the option to add custom entries as well. Like any proper text editor, the font and text size can additionally be tweaked and personalized.

The word tools can offer inspiration and suggestions when you’re drawing a blank. It sports a built-in dictionary, thesaurus, and it’s able to list words and phrases based on emotions. As an example, if you wanted to express “desire” in a lyric, both the words and phrases features would give you a list of related suggestions. Some of the phrases are pretty corny but it could spark an idea for something much better. Rhyming words is also a breeze with its large bank of similar sounding words.

Songwriter's iPad

Songsters are given a series of tools that speed-up the writing process including a feature that enables users to record and playback audio. It’s a nice feature to have because it eliminates the need to set up your mic, or fire up an audio editor. After busting out a rhyme, Songwriter’s iPad will save multiple audio clips within the app that can be shared via email or iTunes.

Tunes can also be imported from iTunes but it requires the audio file to be in .wav format. Writers may find this useful for singing over instrumental tracks.

When the song is completed, the entire document can be shared via email or printed within the app. We liked the fact that both the audio and text files were included in the export.

The Bottom Line:
There is definitely some value for song writers within this app. The ability to find similar words and phrases coupled with the digital audio recorder, makes this app a win. SongWriter’s iPad is available for $9.99, and it’s also available on the iPhone for $5.99.

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