Register your child’s domain name first with Babysquatter

Register your child’s domain name first with Babysquatter

Sadly it’s not uncommon here in Silicon Vally to hear people say they will only name their children with names where the dotcom is available.

Often talking about unique spellings to common names, such as making Mark into Maarkh and Jessica would be spelled Jesshika, you get the idea.

So it was just a matter of time untill the idea became a website.

Babysquatter, discovered over on Bridal Musings, is a tool that tells you which domain names are available that match your future childs name.

After you enter the name you want to reserve, it does a quick search and shows you what’s free. If there is a domain you want to grab, just register the domain with one click with godaddy.

Now all we need is for Babysquatter to reserve Facebook vanity URL’s, Twitter ID’s, Posterous names and Gmail addresses to make the complete set. Oh wait, there’s Namechk.

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