Unwanted Guest: A Stunning 3D interactive iPad Book

Unwanted Guest: A Stunning 3D interactive iPad Book

Unwanted Guest is a stunning interactive 3D book that brings an old folk tale to life on the iPad.

The book, an adaptation of an old traditional Jewish folk tale, tells the story of a poor old man living in a dilapidated cottage that is faced with an unwanted house guest.

The visuals are absolutely gorgeous and unlike most of the interactive iPad books we see, this one is for adults too. Storytelling is done with delightful moving art and animated text coupled with a professional captivating voice-over of the book.

There are a serious of goodies within the app aside from the book itself. Readers can randomly selected alternative views and record their own narration of the story. This is specifically neat for parents who can personalize Unwanted Guest for their children. Another feature we liked was the option to navigate to different scenes in the book through a cover flow like selector.

Moving Tales Inc., the Vancouver-based company behind the app, is releasing a collection of beautiful and imaginative books that, so far, have both been based on old tales. Its first book for the iPad titled The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross, was the first book in its Classic World Tales series.

We started Moving Tales to expand and explore storytelling on the iPad platform. Not just any stories, but tales with rich legacies, many of which have been told for millennia. We are taking these stories for a walk – rephrasing and reframing them in a way that is compelling and appropriate to this new platform.

Unwanted Guest is truly the way all storytelling on the iPad should be done. Have a look at the video and let us know you think? And, if you know of a cool ebook please share it with us in the comments.

It’s available on both the iPhone and iPad for $4.99, and French, Spanish and English are all supported languages that will change both text and voice-overs.

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