Background downloads come to Kindle for iOS

Background downloads come to Kindle for iOS

Amazon Kindle 2photo © 2010 jfingas | more info (via: Wylio)If you’ve ever started the download of a book, flipped over to another to read while it finishes and then flipped back, you’ve been sorely disappointed. Until now, background downloads just didn’t work on the Kindle app for your iPad or iPhone. However, according to Electronista, the just-released 2.5 update to Kindle for iOS will allow you to finish (though not start) a download in the background while you enjoy other content.

There’s another pretty hefty change, too. The app will now support raw files, so you can send in text from Mail, Safari and even pull in books via iTunes file sharing.

No word as to whether my fellow Android users, or Windows Phone 7 users will get the update. If it’s anything like past release schedules, we’re in for quite a wait.

What’s your flavor? Still sticking with Kindle? Perhaps Nook? Or have you adopted the Google Books format yet?

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