Facebook Introduces New “Memories” Feature

Facebook Introduces New “Memories” Feature

It appears that Facebook has pulled the updates, for now. This was apparently a mistake on the part of someone at Facebook. Please see our post explaining the details.

For a split second, we saw a new feature on our Facebook profiles. It was on the right hand side under “Photos” titled, “Memories.”

After I clicked, it showed options for jumping to photos grouped by years: 2010, 2009, 2008, etc. with complementing information like status dated status updates, the number of friends added per year, events attended and Facebook places check-ins.

We’ve literally been dumping this information into Facebook as if it were a landfill for the past 6 years. It’s a wonder it took them this long to organize and curate it into something useful, maybe even meaningful. Now with the introduction of a Memories feature, we can see our lives laid out Facebook style, year-by-year.

The Memories feature may be gone for now (it seems like Facebook may have released several features prematurely), but as frightening as this sounds, it looks like Facebook may have found a way to preserve them forever.

Here is a screen shot of what the feature’s toolbar looks like:

Big thanks to @patrozoo

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