SlideRocket goes big with HTML5 for mobile presentations

SlideRocket goes big with HTML5 for mobile presentations

When I walked into the SlideRocket office a couple of months ago, I was blown away by what I saw. The company has truly changed the game of presentations and managed to make something very sexy out of something very boring. One of the things that I asked them, that day, was how hard it would be to do presentations while you were on your iPad. Their answer? “Coming soon.”

Today, apparently, is now known as soon.

SlideRocket has just launched a game-changer of a feature that will allow you to view your presentation on a mobile device. With the understanding that most meetings for presentations are done on a one-to-one basis, the iPad (and other tablets) are ideal for showing off what you’ve put together. However, transitions, effects and the other niceties that set SlideRocket apart usually choke any mobile device.

With the release of its HTML5 mobile player, SlideRocket is putting the presentation into your pocket and showing off the ability to give a presentation no matter where you are. Polling 300 business professional, SlideRocket answered their concerns.

  • Always be selling
  • Be ready when the opportunity knocks
  • Leave your wallet but bring your iPad

When you add these three things together, it only makes sense that mobile is the way to go. Want to see how amazing it looks? While I dont own an iPad, I do own an iPod Touch, so here’s an in depth look via Robert Scoble:

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