Quora adds ability to insert images, no longer just a Q&A site.

Quora adds ability to insert images, no longer just a Q&A site.

Quora, the “question and answer” site has rolled out an interesting new update that allows its members to insert images into feeds.

According to a post by Ben Newman, self described “Developer at Quora (formerly: Mozilla, Apture, Meebo), JavaScript know-it-all,” has tipped of the Quora world that one can now add photos to one’s Quora feed.

How do you do it?  Pretty simple, here’s how:

1. Select your topic

2. Add your question, or item of discussion

3. And select the “Insert Image” button

Conversely, one can also post a status update to one’s followers akin to a blog post:

Here’s a photo that was just uploaded by a Quora user:

It’s a neat feature that does far more than just enhance the look of one’s Quora feed – it transforms Quora into a communication platform.

What makes Quora unique is that it comes ready made with established  niches thanks to its tag based set up. With images and presumably video soon, it goes head-to-head with (or indeed surpasses) the likes of Digg, Reddit, Hacker news, dare I say even Facebook and Twitter as a way to share stories, ideas, thoughts and rich media with like minded people.

Quora’s Newman is pretty proud of the feature, adding, “Thanks everybody. Definitely still a work in progress, so please let us know if you don’t like something about the way this feature works.”

What do you think of the new feature?  Are you a Quora user?  Will photo additions make you more likely to use Quora?

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