Genius idea for iPad App Store.

Genius idea for iPad App Store.

Grab your iPad.  Now!  Apple’s rolling out a new feature for its App Store app on the iPad.

The “Genius” feature is going live on the App Store app for the iPad, offering suggestions on apps you may be interested based on other apps you already have.  Genius.

All you, the iPad user must do, is agree to the terms and conditions, which explain which of your apps will be anonymously uploaded to Apple to allow recommendations to be made, and your activation is complete.  Your magical device will then redirect you to a page with what the “Genius” recommends.  users are taken to a page offering the recommendations.

Further, within the “Genius” feature the user is presented  with three options, one recommending new apps, one recommending upgraded apps, and one allowing  users to note that they are “not interested” in a particular recommended title.

Today’s announcement arrives on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of Apple’s  Try Before You Buy section of the App Store, allowing users to test out free, lite versions of apps and upgrade should they so desire.

Have you experienced the new feature?  Your impressions?

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