A new Digsby version finally brings Group Chat to the IM client.

A new Digsby version finally brings Group Chat to the IM client.

Chances are you have a few different instant messaging accounts across various services. Chances are you’ve already heard of Digsby as one of the best ways to manage them. Today, however, Digsby just went up another huge rung on the ladder of “must-have applications”.

For those who have used Digsby for any length of time, one of the most requested features is finally here.

With today’s release from the Alpha version, the new Digsby is bringing us the ability to do group chats:

The interface is, not surprisingly, very clean. It looks every bit as integrated as it would in any of the default IM clients from instant messaging providers. Function without sacrifice? Where do we sign up?

But that’s not all, even by a long shot. According to Digsby, we’re also getting some big changes to the LinkedIn implementation. The new method is completely changed from the old, and uses the LinkedIn API. All of those things that you can do elsewhere, you can now do on LinkedIn, such as commenting, liking and disliking.

Speaking of Like and Dislike, support for the universal thumbs now comes to MySpace in Digsby, as well. While the MySpace API doesn’t support official like and dislike, the link in Digsby will add a “Like” or “Dislike” comment onto a thread for you.

All in all it’s a great update with some really welcome additions to the Digsby family. So head over and get downloading. Digsby is free, and available for Mac, Windows and Linux Windows, with Mac and Linux clients in the works. A word of caution, however, when installing Digsby: the application is supported by addon software, so please read each section of the installation carefully in order to avoid installing things you might not want.

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