WP Engine Launches To Make Custom WordPress Hosting Better

WP Engine Launches To Make Custom WordPress Hosting Better

There is a time and a place where spending the least amount of money possible is just not required. Yes, you could buy a $10 domain and then spend $4 a month to use GoDaddy hosting, but what if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars on your website?

Assuming that you want help getting your site going, you want to use WordPress, and don’t want to muck about for too long in the back-end getting it in order, Page.ly has long been a very feasible option. At a $15 a month price point, it is cheap enough for everyone and is feature rich to boot.

But what if you just need a little more? WP Engine, which launched last night, is a more expensive, higher performance service that you just might want to check out. The company was put together by a bunch of WordPress junkies looking to scratch their own itch. The product focuses on speed, security, and capability.

In all those areas WP Engine seems to be  a strong offering. What is the catch? At a starting price of $50 a month, it’s not cheap. So what is the difference between Page.ly and WP Engine? From what we can tell, WP Engine has a few features that power users (which might not be you) are going to want to use, like access to their PHP error logs.

The decision seems to be simple then, if you just want to host your own site, Page.ly is a great choice. If you need more, and you are determined to have the best website online, and darn the cost, then the newly launched WP Engine just might be your best bet.

Long live competition, right?

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