Osfoora app update adds crash “feature” for iPhone OS 3 users.

Osfoora app update adds crash “feature” for iPhone OS 3 users.

A favorite Twitter application for the iPhone and the iPad, Osfoora, has been updated.  Grand news for Osfoora users, unless your iPhone is running OS 3.x.

Osfoora version1.5 includes support for Apple’s Retina display, greater geo-tagging capabilities, oh, and repeated, unavoidable, crashes for iPhone’s running OS 3.x .

The update to Osfoora hit the app store late yesterday, with iPhone owners running any version of OS 3 experiencing a crash every time they try to launch Osfoora.

The issue was confirmed on the Twitter page for Osfoora, almost immediately after the update became available:

Not to rest on their laurels, Osfoora followed up that tweet with another , stating they have submitted an update ( which they hope will be available “within a week.”

Osfoora is a tremendous Twitter client on the iPhone and even more so on the iPad.  Adding enhanced Retina display features, geo-tagging updates, the ability to tweet a song from one’s music library and more, makes the app even grander than previous versions.

Unfortunately for some users, the most recent update was not the “smashing” success Osfoora hoped it would be.  If you continue to run OS 3.x steer clear of the apps most recent update and for everyone else, enjoy the new features.  They do not disappoint.

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