The Daily Dump for iPhone is a new spin on the interactive, mobile reader.

The Daily Dump for iPhone is a new spin on the interactive, mobile reader.

TNW Quick Hit

The Daily Dump is a new type of iPhone reader targeted at those who read in the bathroom.

Love It: Fun concept, interactive reader, provides interesting information.

Hate It: Increased phone use in bathroom. Decreased circulation to legs.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

Created by Ed Allen, with the assistance of Karl Kittel of Countryside Software, Jason Kidwell for graphic design and Brandon Migliorisi for the app’s sound, The Daily Dump ($0.99) is a new reader app for the iPhone, with an off-beat, but interesting, “spin” on iPhone readers.

“Business” was the genesis behind the idea for the app according to a poem penned by the developer which reads:

“I was sitting on the toilet with nothing to do, I looked at my iPhone while I took my poo. It came to me as I dropped my final lump, the world needs The Daily Dump.”

The Daily Dump is a bathroom reader (the thought sickens and intrigues me), but the app’s use isn’t limited to one’s visit to drop the children off at the porcelain pond.

To use the app, spin the toilet paper roll.  Doing so launch weird facts, sports information, great quotes, lucky numbers and more.  will Spin the toilet paper roll to reveal weird facts, sports facts, awesome quotes, lucky numbers and much more.  Further, the app syncs with your iPhone or iPod touch calender, providing you with a “today in history fact” for each day of the year.

In future updates the crew behind The Daily Dump plans on adding trivia and additional features to this strangely intriguing app.

Are you a bathroom phone user?  Does The Daily Dump appeal to you?

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