Bump 2.0 out for iPhone with Twitter and LinkedIn integration

Bump 2.0 out for iPhone with Twitter and LinkedIn integration

Bump has released a major redesign for its iPhone app, changing the look and adding some very important new features, including Twitter and LinkedIn integration, as well as unlimited photo and contact sharing.

Other major new features include a chat function that lets connected users chat after a Bump, as well as calendar feature where you can compare calendars, invite each other, and automatically save to each calendar. Adding one of these new features would be news – putting them all together basically redefines the app.

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The already popular Bump really just became a must have app on any iPhone, and now with LinkedIn integration especially, is becoming a very serious business tool. The Twitter integration also is quite nice, with “Follow Me” and “Follow Them” buttons on the “Social Networks” page:

Bump plans to release an updated Android app “later this summer”.

If Bump and similar apps keep innovating like this, the days of the paper business card are truly numbered.

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