Parenting Made Easy: Media by Age App for iPhone

Media by Age iPhone

Media by Age iPhone

TNW Quick Hit

Love it: Real reviews from real parents. Quick, informed decisions.

Hate it: Must register to submit reviews

Overall: 4/5

The Details

Kids today are inspired by all kinds of media and as the gatekeepers, parents need to make the call on what is appropriate.

Common Sense has just released Media by Age, an app for the iStore that provides the details needed to make a quick decision. With over 14,000 titles, Common Sense provides reviews on television shows, movies (in theatres and on DVD), games, books, websites, music  and mobile apps.

Each entry provides a brief description of the title, a review by Common Sense and ratings based on Educational Value, Messages, Violence, Sex, Language, Consumerism and Drugs & smoking, helping you make a decision based on your family values.

The reviews are well organized into categories based on medium, age and an overall search function. Alternatives are also recommended if you decide to say no to the title in question.

Overall, this is a great parenting resource for making quick, informed decisions.

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