Chad Ochocinco to get his own iPad app

Chad Ochocinco to get his own iPad app

NFL star Chad Ochocinco is everywhere. He’s on Twitter (watching the World Cup right now). He has a reality TV show. He has an iPhone app with 300,000 downloads, and now, according to the app’s creator, he’s about to be the first athlete with his very own iPad app.

The app should hit the App Store within days according to, and will include the following:

  • Will promote Ochocinco’s “The Ultimate Catch” a VH1 dating reality show
  • Videos of Ochocinco
  • A music player (not sure what this is for)
  • YouTube videos that Ochocinco finds funny (really?)
  • A way to ask Ochocinco questions through the app

If you’re not a big Ochocinco fan, the same company has built apps for Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, boxer Floyd Mayweather and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, so maybe they’ll be getting iPad apps in the future as well soon (a Mark Cuban one should be entertaining no doubt).

In other sports+technology news today, King James is now on Twitter – wonder if he’ll be getting a “Who Should I Play For?” app?

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