VaultPress releasing golden ticket invites. Your WordPress blog just got safer.

VaultPress releasing golden ticket invites.  Your WordPress blog just got safer.

Ask anyone who owns a WordPress blog, and the most likely dread fear that they have is losing the information on it.  However, that’s also something that you’ll hear about on an almost daily basis.  Not from any fault of WordPress, mind you.  Generally these losses are resultant of server issues, backup issues or ID 10 T errors.

Finally, there’s VaultPress.  It was originally announced in March, but it’s been stuck in a private beta. Today, you get the chance to run it for yourself.

To get the idea, catch the video.  We’ll talk about it when you’re done.  Go on, it’s ok.  We’ll wait.

So now that you’re up to speed, let’s talk.

VaultPress is built on the Automattic grid. That grid serves 11 million blogs and 250 million monthly hits. If you’re needing assurance that VaultPress has the muscle to protect you, that should be enough.

As you’re writing, VaultPress is working, keeping your data safe. So if something drastic happens, VaultPress has a real-time image of where you were, and can restore your data back to its pre-disaster state.

VaulPress comes in a few different flavors, depending on the size and function of your blog. So go, check it out and never fear the worst again.  It’s lightweight, running as a plugin of your current installation, and the instructions to get it running are dead simple.

Nicely done, VaultPress.  Nicely done indeed.

[Update, according to Paul Kim from Automattic:  “We’re actually still in beta; we have just started issuing golden tickets for people who applied previously. More info here: ]

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