inagist: Helping to cut through the Twitter spam.


Lately, @Zee and I have been discussing ways to find things via Twitter that are the most relevant to us.  Sometimes we want to find what has been most retweeted, sometimes we want to find out what subject the Twitter world is considering important.  There are a number of ways to go about this, but inagist is doing a great job at sorting through the information and providing it to you how you want it.

inagist (In A Gist) filters your Twitter timeline to only show you the tweets that you find most relevant.  You can choose pre-made categories, such as World, Science and Business, or you can choose your own depending on what you’re wanting to find.  Curious as to how often something that you’ve said has been retweeted?  You can even view a trend for your own username.  Mine, for example, would be

On top of the specific areas mentioned earlier, inagist is also working on setting up more local channels.  You can view all of the pre-made channels at To sign up, all you have to do is hit up the website, then log in via Twitter OAuth.  Your account isn’t immediately active, but doesn’t take long to get approved.

inagist is on the right track, and seems to be working furiously to add new channels.  As Twitter pushes forward and becomes a more viable source for breaking information, inagist’s uses will only grow.

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