Finally, a quote search engine for geeks!

Finally, a quote search engine for geeks!

There are many quote search engines in this world, but they are primarily for interfacing with literature. NumberQuotes is a quote search engine for numbers, not words.

While the results are very primitive at this point, the developer is still working on new features. What I like is the originality of the concept, for which I give it an “A” for originality.

Here’s an example of the search results for the query “12212012:”

12,212,012 pennies would weigh as much as 4.36 African male elephants

12,212,012 dollar bills stacked on top of each other would be as high as 4.10 Eiffel Towers

12,212,012 dollars would buy a MacBook for everyone living in Hudson city, Wisconsin (population 12196)

You get the idea. One major application would be to use some of these result to enliven an otherwise drab presentation. But here’s what I want to see when I search for 12 21 2012:

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