Manpacks – Subscription Socks, Shirts, And Boxers

Manpacks – Subscription Socks, Shirts, And Boxers

Manpacks is a new startup focusing on subscription clothing. Using the tools of the web, the company allows people to set up recurring clothing purchases. Every three months, the company will mail you your clothing pack of choice. You can forget shopping.

What kind of clothing do they offer? The company is well named, it sells essentials for men. You can purchase collections of shirts, underwear, and socks (you get to pick what type of each), preventing you from ever running out of basics again.

Men of the world, we have been saved. I never plan on worrying about not having enough socks for the rest of my life.

Of course, they make money on marking up the garments and shipping. Recurring revenue is hot online at the moment, but this is the last place that I expected it to go. It is quite genius, removing the need to do the most mundane tasks with a quarterly shipment . It will even improve your life, as you will stop wearing dirty socks half of the week.

While the startup is new, the idea is huge. We fully expect the Manpacks idea to spread to other sorts of things. Eventually, I expect to pay a single monthly fee to have everything I want delivered to my door. The company offers several levels of packs (different amounts), and even a single one time purchase if you “fear commitment.”

This is a great example of plugging a real life problem with an internet enabled fix.

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