Mozilla Completely Rips Off Design Agency’s Website

Mozilla Completely Rips Off Design Agency’s Website

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, for design agency Metalab it must be difficult to see it that way.

Quite simply, Mozilla’s new design for Jetpack, a platform that lets developers build new and improved add-ons for Firefox, is a complete rip off of Metalab’s own website.

In a post, Metalab outlines how the company had in fact been contacted by Mozilla regarding the project and had even sent in a proposal which Mozilla eventually rejected. Metalab even go so far as to include the estimate:

This isn’t the first time a company who should know better has completely ripped off another site. Microsoft recently launched and then pulled their own new site after it had been proven to be an exact rip off (design and code) of Plurk.

It’s surprising to see this sort of thing from a company like Mozilla who generally receive a great deal of respect within the technology and Internet community. Whether we’ll see Mozilla pull the design and/or issue an apology, we’ll wait and see. Metalab requests you tweet @MozillaNews to let them know “this isn’t ok.”

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