A Charity search engine worth checking out.

A Charity search engine worth checking out.

There are many, many charity search engines out there, so when I saw this video I had it wonder, “How do I tell it it’s legit?” Well, the first step of course was to browse the site, and there they explain that they send their proceeds to kiva.org, a site that then makes micro loans to entrepreneurs in Africa. So is Kiva real?

I explored their site also, and it most certainly is, in fact it was one of TIME magazine’s Top 50 websites for 2009. But how could I know that ads4Africa really sends their money to Kiva? Simple – I asked them. Here is the response I received:

Hello Charles,

Thanks so much for your email. We have a number of businesses that lend their proceeds to entrepreneurs through Kiva, and it looks like that’s what Ads4Africa is doing. Though I haven’t had contact with them personally and we don’t have a formal process, it looks like they have been using a portion of their profits to make loans through Kiva.

Best wishes,
Ali Carroll
Customer Service Coordinator
Loans That Change Lives

So, by all means use ads4Africa if you want to support Kiva’s mission simply by doing your regular Google searches!

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