Google App Engine is Down [Update: It’s back up!]

Google App Engine is Down [Update: It’s back up!]

google_appengine-779483Google App Engine, which launched in April 2008 to compete with Amazon’s web services unit, is current down.

All third party applications are offline.

Google has posted a brief message on the Google Groups site for App Engine:

Since 7:53am PST, App Engine has been experiencing an unexpected outage affecting the majority of App Engine applications. The team is working quickly to correct the cause and will have an ETA on the fix shortly.

We’ll update this with more information when we hear it. In the mean time you can stay tuned by checking  API-status or by follow the thread on Google Groups.


It’s back up! That wasn’t so bad was it?

Update 2: Official Statement from Google via Email.

“As of 10:09 am PST, all App Engine application should be serving traffic and successfully reading and writing from the datastore. We apologize for the inconvenience of the outage. We will follow up with a post-mortem.”

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