Get HTML5 Video In Internet Explorer With This Plugin

Get HTML5 Video In Internet Explorer With This Plugin

html5-logoIf you still use Internet Explorer (shame on you), you have so far been left out of the HTML5 fun-times.

The bad news is that you mostly still are. Take heart however, a cunning developer Cristian Adam has built an IE plugin that will enable the tag for HTML5 in Internet Explorer.

Just the video tag, nothing else. Internet Explorer is still quite backwards.

The plugin is still labeled preview, meaning that it will mostly likely break if you use it consistently. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

Restrictions include no ability to seek inside of a video, no video controls, and no HTML5 interface. Like we said, it’s in its preview stage.

Or, if you wanted to dodge all the mess you could upgrade to a real browser and have no problems at all.  Download the plugin here, it’s only a megabyte or so.

To actually fix your problem, why not just go ahead and download Chrome here.

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